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The FIMI PALM is a handheld camera with a 3-axis stabilizer, announced in November 2019 by FIMI (飞米科技), a Chinese manufacturer of drones and action cameras.

about FEMI(飞米科技)

FIMI (飞米科技) is a manufacturer of drones, gimbals, and action cameras, founded in May 2014 in China.
It is a group company of Xiaomi. It is part of the so-called Xiaomi ecosystem, with DJI and GoPro among its competitors.






November 2019.




127 x 31 x 23 mm


120 g


1.22 inches
240 x 240 resolution;; 600-nit brightness screen.

Maximum Video Resolution


image stabilization

3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer

other features

128° ultra wide angle lens:
FIMI PALM perfectly adapts to the optimal angle of human vision and captures more memorable moments while portraying a larger world.

4K UHD 100Mbps image.
Combined with HiSilicon's latest generation ISP algorithm chip, FIMI PALM can find details that may have been missed.

Battery life of 240 minutes.
FIMI PALM has professional Hisilicon SoC and excellent power management features The USB-C port allows you to use the camera in a variety of ways, including daily shooting, and the use of a high-capacity lithium battery. Meets your needs and delivers great results.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth: ● Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
FIMI PALM connects to smartphones via built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth You can Easily preview your shots and take smarter control of your gimbal camera.
You can also wirelessly download relevant material to your smartphone and edit the footage with the app.

Smart tracking.
FIMI PALM can automatically recognize and track human faces. Alternatively, you can tap the subject on the touch screen to keep it centered in the image.

Story Mode.
The app offers a variety of one-tap templates and shooting patterns, as well as Preset transition effects and background music are also provided. It is easy to convert your videos to cinematic video. It's easy to create professional and sophisticated productions.

Built-in dual microphones and microphone ports.
You can connect a high quality 3.5mm microphone directly to the FIMI PALM. The 3.5mm high quality microphone can be connected directly to the FIMI PALM, expanding the possibilities for external audio recording.

Integrated 5-way joystick.
The FIMI PALM is easy to operate and control.

Four shooting modes
From spectacular landscapes to people, FIMI PALM helps you capture a variety of perspectives: from the spectacular landscape to the human figure.
Pitch lock mode, FPV mode, follow mode, and all lock mode

Multiple functions:.
Creative Frames. Time Lapse, Motion Lapse, Hyperlapse; 
Super hdr; Professional AE/AW algorithm brightens photos with different colors.
Long exposure; Night shots; Panorama; 8x slow motion; 3x stabilizer zoom.

Appearance and Features

The FIMI PALM looks very similar to DJI's Osmo Pocket.
It's a new genre of gadget, a small action camera with a so-called shake-free gimbal that has a three-axis stabilizer.
Its small size makes it easy to carry around.
Functionally, it's going to be fun to use, with smart tracking and a story mode that allows you to easily create a V-LOG, and it's going to be fun to use from shooting videos to editing them easily.

Comparison with the DJI Osmo Pocket

Compared to the Osmo Pocket, the FIMI PALM has a larger battery and is slightly (4g) heavier, but the battery life is about 100 minutes longer.
And with built-in Bluetooth and Wifi, you can connect to your phone wirelessly. It will be very easy to use. It also has a 1/4" threaded hole for tripod mounting, which makes it very versatile.
The weak point is that the FIMI PALM is capable of shooting up to 30 fps at 4K, while the Osmo Pocket is capable of shooting up to 60 fps at 4K.
However, the price of the Osmo Pocket is about $100 less than the FIMI PALM. It takes a long time to edit the video, so FIMI PALM is sufficient. If it's not there, it will meet the needs of users who are willing to go with FHD.


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in the end

If you want the Osmo Pocket but think it's a bit expensive, this might be good news for you. For the regular price of $199.99, it's a pretty cheap feeling.
If you can get it for less than the list price with a presale or coupon, that's great.
If you want to edit at 4K/30fps, it is hard if the environment is not set up to some extent. In that respect, this unit, which cuts out 4K/60fps, is a Xiaomi-like homage gadget I would say that.
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